Why should you use a relocation agency?

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A relocation agency supports companies and individuals when moving abroad, helping them with administrative procedures and finding their new accommodation. 

Here are 8 of the reasons why you should use a relocation agency.


1. Global mobility experts

Our agency is made up of people with several international experience and who had to deal personally with many relocations. 

We understand what are the main challenges during an expatriation and how stressful it can be. So we do everything we can to make the process as easy and pleasant as possible.


2. A tailored service based on your personal and professional situation

We adapt our services to everyone’s needs. Whether you come alone or with your partner or family, for personal or professional reasons, we offer a program for you that is 100% yours.

Our services include, among other things, assistance with administrative procedures, finding schools for children and finding your new home.


3. An English-speaking point of contact

It may seem obvious, but one of the main challenges during an expatriation is the language. Dealing with the local government or with local real estate agents is not easy and can be a source of misunderstanding or even a waste of time and money.

Our team of relocation experts is fluent in English, Spanish and French making your move in Valencia easier.


4. Full home finding assistance

House searching is one of the biggest step of your move. With the services of a relocation company, you can ensure a home finding tailored to your needs in order to find your new “Home sweet home”.

Our team has a strong knowledge of the region and will advise you on the most relevant neighbourhoods and cities according to your budget and your needs. After the selection of your new home, we will assist you in the bureaucratic process right until signing of the contract

If necessary, we can also provide rental management services.


5. School finding for your children

Choosing a school or a nursery for your children can be a real headache. The administrative procedures are complicated and the school system is often different to the country where you are coming from. We will propose the schools that best suit your needs and we will accompany you on this journey from visits to schools to administrative procedures to complete your children’s school enrollment.

Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of the different types of schools that can be found in Valencia, both in the public and private sectors and will make sure to find the best solution for a successful integration of your children.


6. Simplification of the administrative processes

Applying for a NIE, subscribing to a health insurance, registering for social security, opening a bank account or applying for a visa, expatriation involves doing many administrative formalities. Some are mandatory, others strongly recommended and others optional; and you will have to go back and forth between the different administrations.

Our relocation agency will advise you throughout your move in Valencia and take the necessary steps for you.


7. A single point of contact

As we have seen, an expatriation brings many things to do. By using a relocation agency, a dedicated relocation expert will be your single point of contact throughout the whole relocation journey. This will make your installation much easier, and will save you a lot of headaches 🙂

On our side, we work with various local partners in order to meet all your needs: lawyer, moving company, tax expert and house staff. 


8. Remote relocation support

Last but not least, using a relocation agency allows you to start the most important procedures remotely and to reduce the travels pre-move.

We take care of all the tasks which can be done remotely such as virtual viewings, selection of schools and representing you in the administrative formalities in order to have everything ready on the day of your arrival.



If we had to sum it up in one sentence, a relocation agency is first and foremost about simplifying your expatriation and saving you a lot of time and energy.

Are you planning on moving to Valencia ? Contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

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