How to learn Spanish in Valencia?

Apprendre l'espagnol à Valence

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Either you have just relocated to Valencia or you are planning to spend a couple of weeks in Spain’s 3rd largest city to learn Spanish. Finding a language school or a private teacher will then be an important step in your stay. This will allow you both to facilitate your integration into local life and to immerse yourself in the culture of the city.

In this article we detail the best possibilities for learning Spanish in Valencia.


1. Why choose Valencia to learn Spanish?

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Valencia attracts every year many expats who relocate there to start a new life or to improve their Spanish while enjoying perfect living conditions: sunny weather, authentic and healthy cuisine, lower cost of living, sandy beaches, etc.

The third largest city in the country is one of the oldest and most beautiful historic centers in Europe. Many museums and entertainment venues are also present when it comes to places of interest. You can be sure that outside of your Spanish lessons or work, you won’t get bored. We recommend that you read our 10 best things to do in Valencia

In the Valencian Community, the two official languages are Spanish and Valencian. Valencian is the local language (very similar to Catalan) and remains predominant in many local families especially in the area surrounding the metropolitan area of Valencia. Spanish is the national language and is natively spoken by everyone in Spain. If you speak Spanish, you will then be able to speak with anyone in Spain, wherever you are.


2. Language schools accredited by the Cervantes Institute

Of all the language schools in Valencia, we recommend that you opt for an academy certified by the Instituto Cervantes. These accredited centers -although sometimes more expensive- have some benefits:

  • Quality of teaching and methods used
  • Highly skilled teachers
  • Preparation for the official Diplomas in Spanish as a foreign language (DELE, SIELE)
  • Online resources available 

These schools accredited by the Cervantes Institute have to renew their certification every 3 years. This is a way to ensure high quality standards in Spanish quality teaching and an uniform approach of learning. 

In Valencia, the main language schools recognized by the Cervantes Institute are:

  1. CEIAM (Picassent)
  2. Escuela Superior de Español de Sagunto (Sagunto)
  3. Academia La Pagoda (Valencia)
  4. AIP Language Institute (Valencia)
  5. ADOS Spanish School (Valencia)
  6. Costa de Valencia (Valencia)
  7. Don Quijote (Valencia)
  8. El Rincon del Tandem (Valencia)
  9. Enforex (Valencia) 
  10. Espanolé International House Valencia (Valencia)
  11. Hispania Escuela de Español (Valencia)
  12. Institute of Spanish Studies (Valencia)
  13. Instituto de Lenguas de la Universidad Católica de Valencia (Valencia)
  14. Intereuropa (Valencia)
  15. Route 66 Idiomas (Valencia)
  16. Taronja School (Valencia)

In these accredited schools, the program can be customized to your needs and are available the following activities:

  • Academic year
  • Mini academic course
  • Immersion in a family
  • Summer vacation camps
  • Cultural activities


3. Private Spanish teachers in Valencia

A more economical option is to find a private Spanish teacher in Valencia. The quality of the teaching is less uniform and depends exclusively on the quality of your teacher. You can contact us if you would like to hear our recommendations.

Besides the economic aspect, choosing a private Spanish teacher also has some benefits:

  • Individual or small group lessons. You can talk and interact as much as you want.
  • Tailor-made courses. The teacher adapts the classes to your needs and level to not waste time.
  • Choice of schedules. You can choose when your Spanish classes take place to make sure you don’t miss any lessons.

In short, you will find a lot of flexibility with a private teacher.


4. Local life immersion

The last option we recommend in order to learn Spanish in Valencia is to experience a full local immersion. You will be continuously exposed to the language and improve significantly your oral comprehension and communication skills.

Some schools propose Spanish immersion programs in Spain with family homestays or conversations exchanges with locals. You could also try to look for a job here or participate in local organized activities.

We suggest that you choose this option only if you already have the basics in Spanish or if you take Spanish classes.


We hope you find this article interesting and that it has provided you useful tips on the best ways to learn Spanish in Valencia. If you decide to come to Valencia, you can contact us at [email protected] for any support during your relocation process.

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