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Many people’s dream is to combine work and travels across the world. Traveling today is relatively easy thanks to the growing supply of transport and the reduction in ticket prices. But how can you travel for a long time without having any geographic constraints such as going into the office every day?

The concept of remote working offers an opportunity to many people to work from home while travelling at the same time. We are talking of digital nomad.


1. What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a remote worker who uses technology to carry out his professional activity and who usually travels to different locations.

Digital nomads often work from foreign countries and change address as per their wishes. However, moving countries often means that some administrative formalities need to be done and it can be time consuming.


2. What typically characterizes digital nomads?

Some characteristics of digital nomads:

  • Digital nomads travel light as they are sometimes required to change city or country and therefore only carry what is essential to be able to live and work in good conditions.
  • They need a good internet connection.
  • They like to discover the local culture.
  • They work from coworking spaces, coffee shops, public libraries or from home.

Of course, it is possible some of these characteristics do not apply to your personal situation. 


3. What do you need as a digital nomad ?

The first thing of course is to have a job that allows this way of living. Indeed, some professional and business activities still require employees to be in the office regularly. In this case, the basic tools are a good laptop and a stable internet connection.

The second important thing to have is the motivation to become a digital nomad. Moving regularly, changing homes, friends and country can be a motivation for some people but can also be a challenge.


4. How to become a digital nomad?

A- Generate passive income

Passive income is money that is obtained without the need for putting in a considerable amount of effort. After having invested time or money in a product, the money will work for you and generate an income. 

Passive incomes can be generated from rental properties, blogs generating traffic, online training, e-shops.


B- Remote working 

Remote working has seen a significant rise since the beginning of Covid-19 with many companies now reserving the use of their office to urgent needs and encouraging employees to work from home. Some businesses have even closed permanently their offices.

The main advantage of remote work is the stability it offers as it allows you to keep working for the same company and to receive a fixed salary at the end of each month. However, not all the companies allow their employees to work from abroad for tax reasons. 


C- Be a freelance

Finally you can decide to work for yourself. It offers you a lot of freedom but less stability with regards to your incomes.

Depending on the type of activity you carry out, it is possible to become a digital nomad. It includes all digital activities such as community manager, website creation, internet referencing (SEO).


5. Why is Valencia the perfect place for digital nomads?

Valencia was recently ranked the best city in the world for expats. It has since become an increasingly fashionable destination for digital nomads.  

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. At the same time, it is still a relatively small city, you can even walk from one side of Valencia to the other. It has all the essential services you need, as well as entertainment and leisure making it an extremely desirable place to live. It is well connected, with the international airport of Manises, and also boasts good train and bus connections. The fact that Valencia is a compact city means that there are no traffic problems like you might find in other cities, it isn’t overcrowded and the cost of living is comparably lower.

Valencia is a dynamic city with a multitude of possibilities. It offers a great quality of life with kilometres of golden beachers, historic and cultural heritage and lest we forget, 300 days of sunshine a year with an average yearly temperature of 19º.

Like the majority of the Mediterranean basin, we also eat very well. On the one hand we can find traditional dishes such as the world famous Paella Valenciana and on the other hand a lot of local products. Valencia is notably one of the main producers of oranges and olives. If you want to know more about traditional dishes, we invite you to consult our article 10 traditional food of Valencia

For those who love sport, Valencia is close to the mountains and is close to many national parks. Activities such as cycling, hiking, climbing, canyoning are very popular.

If you want to know more about Valencia and its surroundings, we wrote 2 posts about  the 10 best things to do in Valencia and the 5 best day trips in the Valencian Community.

Finally, a digital nomad will find everything he needs in Valence to carry out his professional activity: coworking places, coffee shops and good internet connection.


Do you have a project in Valencia and want assistance for your accommodation or with your administrative procedures? Contact us 🙂

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